Busy Girls

It's almost 2 a.m. and I need to get up in the morning (ughhh!) but I wanted to post some photos of the little girls. 

The latest dress was a big hit with Addison - doesn't it look great on her?  (Her mom gets bonus points for using the quilt I made as a backdrop.)
During our last phone chat, Addy made two specific requests - a t-shirt dress with monkeys on the skirt and monkey pajamas. Anyone surprised that both projects are in the works?

Leia started ballet and gymnastics today, (she's carried that pink bag on her arm since I bought it for her on Saturday)
and she'll be doing hip-hop on Saturdays. 
 She was a bit hesitant on the balance beam - can't say as I blame her - but she loved the trampoline and over-under obstacle course.
She's going to be one busy - and tired - little girl this Fall.

Leanne and Leia were being silly buddies today.
Nothing like little girl smiles to make the day positively perfect in every way.