Seat Belt Pillow

One of the first things I pinned when I joined Pinterest was this seat belt pillow from Super Jenn
The baby grands always look sooooo uncomfortable when they fall asleep in the car, either leaning forward against the seat belt or slumped to the side with half their body held upright by the belt.

So before our Reno trip, I made a pillow for Leia. 
The blue inside layer holds the shredded foam and can be removed for laundering. The flaps on either side
fasten around the seat belt with the pillow facing out, so the functionality of the belt is not compromised.
Leia thought the pillow was great, both before and during the trip.

She didn't like it on her seat belt but it was just the right height for her to use on top of the drink tray from the center seat back.
See? Much more comfortable. 

Things I'd do differently next time - 

  • make the tabs longer; they baaaaarely reach around the seat belt.
  • consider putting the shredded foam directly into the fleece tube and sewing it shut. Stuffing that blue tube into the fleece cover was definitely the hardest part of this project.
 Hmmmmmm, I wonder if Addy would like one of these . . . .