Not Just Balloons

We did a few things other than watch balloons while in Reno last weekend. Thursday afternoon we stopped in at Jimmy Beans Wool for a short quick reasonable time, all things considered. It's a small shop - most of their stock is sold on-line - and the staff is super friendly. Leia asked what was in the "cages" in the back room and one of the ladies took her back so she could see the purse/bag/book storage cubicles. She was thrilled.
And after that, we took Leia to Circus Circus, where she won the first horse race we tried - the dolphin was her prize - and I won the second race to get her the baby lion. Since she was only allowed to bring one toy with her when we went out, dolphin and lion took turns going with us the rest of the weekend.
In retaliation, Hubby insisted on wanted to visit the National Automobile Museum Friday afternoon. I thought it was very well done - 
my favorite part was the accompanying display of women's clothing from the same time period -
but Leia got bored very quickly. She and I walked through the exhibits (at almost a dead run; Leia was very bored) until we found a little seating area and a shop selling ice cream sandwiches. After that, she didn't care how long PopPop took looking at the cars.
Saturday we took Leia to a under-the-sea themed restaurant for a late lunch. 
Oceano is in the Peppermill Casino and it is beautiful to look at, 
but the service and food were both lacking.
It took 3 people over 20 minutes to bring our drink order and hubby and I both thought the food was average at best.
Oh well, it really was fun to sea. (ha! a little fish humor) 

On Sunday, we bombed straight home, leaving Reno at 9:15 a.m. and walking through our front door 580 miles and 10 hours later, almost to the minute. Leia was a great traveler -
she had her DVD player, iPod Nano, (decommissioned) cell phone,  headphones (those made grandma happy . . . ) 
books, toys, and blanket to keep her happy. How in the world did kids - and their adult companions - survive long-distance travel before electronics?? It's a very different world these days.