Ravellenic Games

I always work better to a deadline - like the Tour de France spinning marathon - so when Ravelry's Ravellenic Games were announced, my response was "h*ll yes, I'm in!"

My first project is done -
a for-pay pair of mittens made with sock yarn.  The fingers are each worked with 2 strands of yarn, alternating every few rows to break up the color bands. 
Note the solid color fingertips? A nice touch, yes? (You don't even want to know how many ends there were to weave in . . . . )

The main project, the one I've been working on every day since the Opening Ceremony, is a cabled sweater for hubby. 
I've wanted to make this since I bought the book, years ago (the project's been in my Ravelry queue since 2007.) I love the cables 
but I love the color-work bands even more. 
The front and back are both 3/4 done. Which leaves the remain 1/4, both sleeves, finishing - including the color-work neck band - and weaving in my ends. All in 3 days. Crossing my fingers I can make it across the finish line in time.