Pillow Case Dress

I have to admit, I'm seriously proud of my newest Addy dress. It's the most advanced thing I've done since I starting sewing, less than a year ago. 
I found the pattern - Fat Quarter Pillow Case Dress - on Pinterest and the neatly bound, guaranteed-to-look-good-together fat quarter bundle at my fav fabric shop, Quilt Ventura.
Then it was just a matter of agonizing over deciding fabric placement, sewing it together - including top stitching, which I hadn't tried before -
and adding the little details that make this dress uniquely Addy's. Like a ruffle, made from fabric Rachel and I found on our fabric spree this summer -
bias tape shoulder ties, a double button ornament (to mark the front since both sides are the same)
and ties at the waist, with a button on each side for decoration. 
Addy is pretty particular about her dresses, so this one is a trial run. If she likes it (crossing fingers!), I'll be making more for her to wear this fall. 
If not . . . . guess I'll have to talk Leia and Leanne into wearing them. Because I will be making more - while I work up the courage to try the ruffle dress next.
from 2 Giggle Boxes blog

Notes: because I'll forget . . .
Straps: 42" long
Waist ties: 31" long
Top to ruffle: 24.75"
Top to bottom of ruffle: 27.5"
Top to stars print: 19.5"
Top to armpit seam: 4"
Armpit to tie: sits on 5"
Dress width: 21" (at stars seam)


Petunia Pill said...

Cuuuuuuute! Creativity - it's so good for the soul! I can hear what a blast you had from your words here! So much fun to put it all together. My Mom was an excellent seamstress but it just never called to me...until now. I do wish I had a sewing machine. I may have to break down one day and invest. Just don't know that I have the space needed to house it! I hope she likes the dress because I want to see more! That ruffle dress...how cute is that? Arrrrgh! I love fat quarters...I buy them to make rag wreaths. A no-brainer, but most rewarding! Hugs, Annette