I can't remember who first called them this - probably Rachel - but butterflies have always been 'flutterbies' at our house. 
I had to consciously stop myself from saying that when we bought tickets today at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum for the butterfly exhibit (through Sept. 16). 
Leanne wasn't sure what all the fuss was about. 

She thought the butterflies were ok; she quickly figured out they weren't going to let her touch them and that pretty much ended her interest. 
What she really loved was the water fountain at the exhibit entrance. Splashing in the water was lots more fun.

Hubby and I enjoyed the exhibit -
and the opportunity to take yet more pictures of Leanne -
even though the temperature was a bit high for Santa Barbara - all the way up in the low 80's!
We spent some time walking through the permanent exhibits - have to take Leia to see the mammal hall; she'll love it - and admiring the animatronic T. Rex stationed outside the temporary dinosaur exhibit.
I thought Leanne might be afraid of Rex but she took him right in stride. 

It's been awhile since we've been here; I forget what a nice little museum it is. 
But with the butterflies and dinosaurs here until September, and the nice permanent exhibits, I think we'll be coming back again soon.