Day Tripping

We took Leia and Leanne back to the butterfly exhibit in Santa Barbara today. 
Remember the T. Rex that Leanne loved? Leia - normally a little daredevil - was not thrilled, not even with PopPop holding her tight.
She was much happier when we got into the dino hall and she saw the bush taxi. With these two drivers, PopPop probably felt he was taking his life in his hands.
Leanne couldn't believe anyone would let her near a steering wheel. 
She was thrilled.
Since she was an old hand at this, Leanne showed Leia all around the butterfly enclosure
and helped her with her artwork (although the magnifying glass that was in the crayon box was the biggest hit with Leia).
Leia took on pushing Leanne's stroller, even though most of the paths were uphill. She really got her exercise today. 
One of my favorite things about these outings is the opportunity for natural light family shots. 
The girls were cooperative, just not especially willing to smile. 
Gotta figure out a way to get them to do that on cue . . .  

And now, just a couple few outrageous number of butterfly portraits -