Birthday Girl

Her birthday isn't until Monday but we celebrated with Leia on Saturday, starting at the local mall. Hubby and I told Leia we were taking her to pick out a birthday present, but didn't tell her where, exactly, we were going. The minute she spotted Build A Bear Workshop, she started begging to go there - which was nice, since that was our destination.
Leia waited patiently while her pony - 'like Addy has' - was created, 
then carefully bathed her, Leia's favorite part of the process.
After surprisingly little debate, Leia picked out an outfit - a Rapunzel princess dress. Surprise! -
roller skates and a leash ('like Addy has'. See a theme here?)
Keeping with family tradition, Leia got to choose her birthday cake. No surprise, her choice was "cupcake", her name for the chocolate lava cake* I found recently on Pinterest. She looooooooves that cake (we all do.) 
She also loves helping me make it -
which can get interesting when I turn my back for 5 seconds and she pours the cake topping into the batter and starts stirring . . . .
Licking the spoon is still the best part.

We ended the day by opening presents from Daddy,
including a twirling bathtub Princess Tiana,
princess jewelry and make-up.
and an mp3 player from Gramma and PopPop for listening to her 'tunes'. 
Make a wish -
then blow out the candles.
Happy birthday, Leia! 

* I omit the vanilla and substitute water for milk; more lactose-friendly that way.