Stash Happens

I've tried to be good - or at least reasonable - when buying fabric for my new quilting obsession. Unlike the yarn stash, which threatens to take over the house every time I turn my back, I can still almost get my fabrics into one gigantic fairly reasonable sized plastic bin. 

So I try to have a plan before I buy. For example, this -  
is for a class I'm taking over the next year to make a queen-sized quilt. (pictured on the left below.)  
And this
(love, love, love it) is the backing and binding for a finished quilt top I purchased from my favorite LQS*. 

And this is . . . .
ok, this one is just because I love it. It sat in the sale bin, right by the cash register, calling to me for almost a month before I gave in and brought it home. But I'm sure it will be something important, some day. 

Just like all the stash yarn that's followed me home.
*LQS = Local Quilt Store