Counting Blessings

What a week this has been. It started Sunday night, with a trip to the ER with hubby (he's fine now, thanks). Six hours, numerous tests, and an IV full of pain meds later, we headed home with him feeling a bit better. Tuesday was get-your-taxes-done day; love our tax guy - and it was mostly good news - but still . . . . 

Wednesday the decision was made to have hubby's mother move in with us; she needs 24-hour care but her doctor felt she wasn't sick enough to go into the hospital. Late Thursday night she proved the doctor wrong with an ambulance ride at midnight and admittance to the hospital, where she remains.

But that was after we'd spent Thursday rearranging the house - moving my big floor loom out (it's for sale),
emptying hubby's den to make room for a hospital bed, 
and setting up his watch repair tools
behind the couch in the family room.
His recliner and computer are now in my craft room, where we'll be sharing space for awhile. Add a minor crisis here and getting grandkids where they need to be everyday there, and you get a feeling for how our week has gone.

But Friday brought good news and a definite sense of relief. Hubby got a clean bill of health from the doctor; his mom is getting the care she needs and we're hopeful she can transfer to a nursing home near us; and while things may be cramped around here for a bit, we have a home with space enough to accommodate life's little challenges. Definitely counting our blessings.


Anonymous said...

There's not much I can say to that, but I did want to mention a deep thanks for sending us your rainbow. It rained, rained hard, hailed, rained, hailed again, rained, rained harder, hailed even more and even bigger, also it was thundering and lightning-ing the whole time, and the sirens went off 3 separate times for funnel clouds spotted in two neighboring suburbs. But at the end, we got a big rainbow, so whatever it was--thanks for sending it along, and if this new post is a sign of warning of what's to come, well, then thanks for the heads up.

I have an interesting feeling we'll be experiencing the chaos as well soon.....here we go!

Hang on tight, it's gonna be a fun, bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...