Younger daughter is getting married in May and older daughter flew out from Colorado this weekend to host a bridal shower for her. 
Today's party was sandwiched between a trip to ER (Rachel fell in the parking lot at Target and thought she broke her ankle. Turned out to be just a bad sprain) and a leaky roof in my craft room when that other kind of shower became surprisingly heavy. 

But the afternoon was a lot of fun. We had fancy (and delicious) cake - 
and finger food - 
with family - 
and friends.

We played games, including one Rachel devised called "Dress the Bride" 
that involved a craft kit, tissue paper and whatever the individual teams had in their purses. 
Marie had to pick a winner based on which one looked most like her. Lots of laughter and ingenuity. 
I may have to stock up on those kits, to have them on hand for the next family party. 
Marie's little helper arrived in time to help open the last few gifts  
and star in a nice round of "Pass the Baby".
Congrats to Marie and Scott. Now it's on to Vegas!


Petunia Pill said...

Looks like fun times! (Sandwiched in between realities) Hugs, Annette