Star Bright

The second of my 13 stars is done -Leia helped me pick out the colors (from the 10 or so that were in my kit.) I think she did an exceptional job. Love how bright and cheerful this is. And it goes well with the first star. I've already picked out the fabrics for star #3; can you still I'm well and truly hooked on this project?

Someone asked about paper-piecing, so here's a short(ish) pictorial: 

Fabric #1 and #2 are lined up with the pattern, 
seam pressed open
and excess fabric trimmed.
Repeat for fabrics #3 and #4 (the blue background fabric) -
For #5, add a few stars to the mix -
Then #6, which Leia especially loved' -
And finally, #7 adds a little pink 'punch'. 
Sew quarters into halves - 
and halves into one whole. 
And . . . . Presto! Quilting magic.


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