Hello, Spring

We were a day early, but it was so gorgeous yesterday that we couldn't resist taking the little girls to Gardens of the World to celebrate spring's arrival.

Leanne loved being in her stroller,
showing off her new shoes, 
and being taken anywhere she wanted to go by cousin Leia.
We took a lap around the entire park, 
stopping to do a bit of baby wrangling (aka "pictures with flowers"),
and to admire the waterfalls, 
formal gardens,
tunnels! (Leia's very favorite part)
and flowers in bloom. 
Leia inspected Archie's mouth, 
and practiced posing for the camera.

Gardens of the World is the perfect size for little girls - plenty of room to roam, lots of well-spaced attractions, and no need to be super quiet or watch where you're going. 
I think we'll be back again soon.  


Petunia Pill said...

I love her hands on her hips in her "posing" photo! They learn SO early how to ham it up. My daughter (now 23) ALWAYS has one hand on a hip...and I notice everyone in her age group does the same thing! She tells me it makes her look thinner. I tell her it makes her look dumb! LOL

Vickie said...

Where oh where is this place?