Meet Alex

Me, speaking casually, last weekend: "You know, it might be about time to start looking for a new car."

Two dealerships later, look what followed us home:
Alex* is a 2011 Chev Equinox, V-6, with seat warmers and a backing camera. I thought I wanted a red car until I saw this one - it was love at first sight. Alex was the advertised 'special' for President's Day weekend so we got a very nice deal.

And buying a new car? Not a fast project. We got there at 1 - without having lunch first, bad mistake - and got off the lot at 4:30. And drove straight to McDonalds. Soooo hungry. But very happy too.

Not going to miss our old Trailblazer even a little bit.

* Everyone names their cars, right??


Vickie said...

Alex looks like fun! Gee, maybe some day I'll have a CAR not a truck or "manly" Jeep...would be nice!

Restless Knitter said...

Yay, new car! Hubby's car has seat warmers. From time to time, we like to turn the other persons on without them noticing, to see how long it takes the other to notice their butt is getting hot.