Marie brought Leanne over for her first visit with the cousins today. Naia and Leia had gone to the hospital to see Leanne just after she was born, but because they aren't siblings, they weren't allowed into the NICU*.

Leia was thrilled with tiny Leanne.
And Naia thought she was pretty cool too. Even Uncle Gary got into the act, holding Leanne while entertaining Leia. What a change from 4 1/2 years ago when Addison was born and Gary wouldn't even touch her, much less hold her.

Leanne has only one cap that fits her tiny head - the one they put on her in the hospital - so mom appealed to grandma for more hats. And grandma complied -
although the ones made so far are still much too big. But that's the nice thing about babies. They grow fast. I'm betting these fit her before the month is out.

*They sat in the cafeteria instead, where Leia demonstrated the fine art of eating spaghetti.


Rach said...

Love those pics! I love how Leia is gently touching Leanne's head. So sweet!

Vickie said...

Leanne looks fabulous...how's mom holding up?