Knitting Progress

Despite the lack of recent evidence, knitting has been happening. I'm holding to my New Year's goal (not resolution!) to do less crochet and more of everything else fibery - and this month, that means knitting.

I've started the border on the never-ending Pi Shawl - my first ever knit-on border*.
Why didn't someone tell me how easy that is?? The Kid Silk Haze is a bit slippery but the actual knitting is a breeze. I was even able to rip back to a dropped stitch and continue on - another first. Before this I would've had to rip all the way back to the beginning and start over. Progress! Our Lady of the Dirty Face decided to help me take photos today. I love the frog pose (above) and the glamor shot (below). Also on the needles is a Baby Surprise Jacket for soon-to-arrive Leanne Elizabeth. Verrrrrry soon to arrive. I started the jacket during the Super Bowl but ripped it out that same night and started over. So much happier with it now. The yarn is some I picked up at Pearl's on the 75% off table and the contrast color - a snowy white - came from the same place.

Leia helped me with this photo too. So very, very helpful.

A colorful, inexpensive little gift that needs to be finished very, very soon. Leanne's official due date is this Tuesday (4 days). First babies are usually late, but . . . . . I've got to knit faster.

*There's 576 stitches in the last round of the shawl. For the border, I need to knit 16 stitches into each one of those 576 stitches. That's 9216 stitches. Nine THOUSAND. I've gotta stop calculating this stuff.