Horse Girl

A friend of mine invited Naia to come visit her horses. Naia was excited, to put it mildly - that's all she's talked about since the invitation was extended two weeks ago.
Getting to know AJ

Naia has never ridden before and was a little intimidated by the size of 30-year-old AJ. She was not at all sure she really wanted to get up on his back when the time came.
Terri was very patient and wonderful. She soon had Naia up and riding around the rink (almost) on her own. Of Terri's three horses, AJ is the most gentle and the only one Naia was allowed to ride. She still got lots of petting time and kisses from Hollywood - and he's the one that stole her heart. If she was anywhere near him, his head was over the fence and he was angling for scratches or smooches. Such a love bug! Naia also got to lead Annie, the smallest and friskiest of the bunch, around the yard with a rope and halter. It was pretty funny (and heart warming) to see this kid who was scared to touch AJ when we first got there, being the boss of Annie who outweighed her by at least a thousand pounds. And what do you say when it's time to go? Why, "thank you", of course. And "I don't want to leave!"
I love the 'conversation' AJ and Naia are having.

And "when can I come back??"
And finally, "Thank YOU, Terri!!!" From both of us.


Vickie said...

Boy can I totally relate to Naia's love!! Horses have a magic all their own.

Laurie Laliberte said...

It's amazing what a personality animals have, isn't it? Naia's growing into such a young lady. :o)