Stitch Cloth

I've read too many articles lately about how germy and unsanitary kitchen sponges can be. Rather than head to the 99 cent store for a stack of cloth dishrags, I broke out my stash of kitchen cotton, my crochet hooks, and the loooooong list of stitches I've been meaning to try.

Basic half-double crochet, just to get things started

My goal is to make one stitch cloth a day -

Simple Clusters, from '365 Crochet Stitches a Year' - Sept. 1

or, since life sometimes gets in the way, five a week - for the entire month of September.
Modified shell, from '365 Crochet Stitches a Year' - Sept. 2

I'll accomplish several things with this - use up the stash of kitchen cotton I've been hoarding; learn, practice or create new stitches; and have a ready supply of dish rags cloths that can be laundered and reused.

Tulip stitch, although I know this one as 'crazy stitch'

Can I keep this up all month? Who knows.
Lily insisted on getting in the way, so I used her as a prop.
Stitch: 2 single crochet in front loop only; 2 in back loop across.

But I already have five more cloths than when I started.


Unknown said...

excellent plan!