Hot, Hot, Hot

  • The weather - 97+ in our coastal town, 110 when I went up to Ojai yesterday. Yay, fall is here in SoCal. Hope it doesn't stay long.
  • My new crafty passion - bobbin lace. Went to my second class last night; I'm all thumbs but still loving this. Can't wait until I make something that actually looks like lace.
  • My doubleweave towel - off the loom and washed but not yet hemmed. Love the magic of doubleweave. 8" wide on the loom
AJ proving that Lily's not the only photogenic kitty around here

becomes a 16" towel when you take it off and unfold it.


Shirley said...

I took a bobbin lace course many years ago. I should take another so I can finish the piece that is still on my board. Is there a reason why you have so many different bobbins?