How I Spent My Weekend

I feel like I got a lot done this weekend, organization-wise. I filled up my new magazine rack with part of my crochet mag collection; put the rest of my craft books up on LibraryThing (love LT! I don't buy as many duplicate books now that I can check before I buy); worked on the bright and happy shawl but forgot to take an updated pic to show my progress; and uploaded to Ravelry all the fiber I've purchased in the last few months.

click photo to enlarge

At least now I know what I've got. And know that I do.not.need.more.yarn! Like that's ever stopped me before.


Spundun said...

Oh, you rotten tease - I wanna see the shawl progress, lol!

Getting organised gives one a lovely sense of achievement and does make life a lot more efficient, doesn't it?