Weave & Spin; Spin & Weave

Today's doubleweave class was more successful for me - I feel like I finally 'got it'. You can see both layers of the towel in the first photo - and the blue arrow below shows where the fold/join is between the layers. I'm going to play around with the treadling sequence and put some different patterns in here when I get a little closer to the end. It's going to take a little while to work my way through this 3.5 yard warp but I definitely see more doubleweave in my future.

Finished spinning the 4 ounces of Rocket Yarn's New Zealand Romney 48's combed top that I purchased last year. Letting it rest overnight before plying it tomorrow. I love Tour de France/Fleece time - I get more spinning done during these 26 days than the rest of the year combined.