Own Self!

In the span of just two weeks, Leia has gone from baby to full-fledged toddler. It's amazing how much difference there is - she's much steadier on her feet, walking and running with no little balance wobbles; she tells you what she wants rather than pointing and whining - we don't always understand her but she's definitely trying to communicate; and she wants to do it her Own Self!

Case in point: After finishing off her PB&J sandwich openface-style (which is why it's everywhere, even up her nose), Leia insisted on eating her applesauce By.Her.Self.Thankyouverymuch. The majority of it ended up in her mouth, a much different outcome than even two weeks ago. Thank goodness she likes having her face washed. It took us awhile to get this mess cleaned up.

Blankie update: The doily blanket is about half done. Need to have it finished by Sunday, at the latest, so I can enter it in the Fair. Crossing fingers. . . .