Still Spinning

Finished plying the Rocket Yarn Romney - 248 yards of 2-ply that's about a DK-weight; it's more of a cherry red and black than the purple-ish my monitor is showing - and started spinning some Bee Mice Elf Falkland that's just heavenly. Pictures of that tomorrow.

Also bought a new-to-me 8-harness, 24" wide Ashford loom. It's being shipped from Wisconsin so I'm hoping to have it in hand in another week or so.
And for those who are counting, this is loom #3. (unless you count the 2 knitters/rigid heddle looms and the 2 inkle looms. Then it's loom #7.)


Restless Knitter said...

Oh no, you're catching up with me on number of looms!