7 of 10

Shawls, that is. I finished shawl #7 for my '10 Shawls in 2010' challenge, which puts me right on schedule for the year.

Lily heard the first shutter click and came running. She does love having her picture taken.

And this shawl is extra special to me since it's made with yarn I spun earlier in the year.

Finishing this wasn't without its bit of drama, though. Since it isn't store-bought, I had 552 yards to work with and that was it. I modified the pattern as I went, keeping track of how much I used on each row and how many tenths of ounces I had remaining. And I came thisssss close to getting it right. Less than a yard short.

So I ripped out the last border row and used that yarn to crochet a one-row border along the top edge, something I thought the shawl needed but that the pattern didn't call for.

After a quick soak in aqua-scented Soak, my Mighty Mantle is pinned out and drying. I'm hoping to get some good FO pictures tomorrow while Leia is here.