Postcard From Colorado

Having a great time. Wish you were here! Finished Addy's Tadah! Hat (Rav link) in time for her to wear it to Disney Live last night. It's so colorful and cute and Addy loves it. Addy loves Mickey Mouse Club, along with Pooh and Tigger who were also in the show. She was so excited during the performance - she couldn't tear her eyes away from the stage. Daddy got her a Minnie Mouse doll at intermission and Addy kissed and cuddled her through the last half of the show. And when it was time to leave? She cried, 'me no want to go home!'

This morning Daddy put Mickey Mouse Club on the teevee for Addy to watch before her nap. She was totally engrossed in
Miska Mooska Mickey Mouse. Maybe a little too much so. About 30 seconds after these photos was taken, she tipped the chair over backwards and landed on her head. It startled her more than anything but after that it was definitely nap time. Isn't she the cutest?