World's Cutest Baby*

The littlest princess turned 6 months old while we were in Colorado so we celebrated with dinner tonight at Red Robin. Leia is over 25 pounds now; she's wearing 12 month shirts and 18 month pants that fit well around her waist but are much too long. She's a happy, bubbly baby; always a big, infectious grin on her face (unless she's hungry. Then all bets are off.) She's pushing herself up, trying to crawl, but hasn't quite got the moves down. You can tell it won't be long though.

And her favorite person? Big sister Naia. Leia loves trying to grab Naia's braids, loves blowing bubbles in Naia's face (she just learned that trick), and loves when Naia makes faces to make her laugh.
Can you tell Grandpa loves his girls?

*Since Addy is now a big girl. And I'll admit I'm a little biased. But you have to admit, she is a cutie.