Crazy Weather

We arrived back in California last night, just in time for yet another wet day. The weather in Colorado was beautiful - cold but clear, with snow falling just one evening while we were there. Things are crazy backward here.

Not only were we treated to rain today - and another power outage, this one lasting 'only' six hours - but hail was pounding down so hard I thought it had to be at least golf-ball sized.
Er, maybe not. But really; hail in California? And clear skies in Colorado? In February?? I think Mother Nature is either confused or really, really p***ed off.

One of the benefits of longer than expected plane rides (our predicted 2 hour, 4 minute trip turned into over 3 hours when we encountered a stiff head-wind most of the way to Burbank) is plenty of time to crochet. I finished the heel flap, gusset and most of the foot on both of Rachel's socks.
Just need to get her foot length - which I forgot to measure before we left - and I can finish the bottom half of these. I love how the stripes are almost matching. Can't wait to see how these look finished.