Ever since Addy was little, I've given her crochet hooks and yarn to play with. Addy informed me our first day here that she 'loves CROshay so much.' She knows the bag that's usually at my feet contains treasures - 'fuzzy yarn', 'CROshay' (she means hooks) and 'Hippo!'

She's discovered that Hippy Hippo, my hook holder, unzips and holds some of her favorite things. She's claimed my shiny blue and purple hooks as her own (she doesn't care for the plain Clover hooks) and she can't get enough of the purple tape measure. At first she just pulled out the tape, then pushed the button to snap it back. Now she examines it, dances with it, and covers her eyes in the Addy version of hide and seek (if she can't see you, you can't see her!)

(click the photo to make it bigger)

Just another year or two until I can teach her how to really CROshay.