How I Spent My Super Bowl . . .

Dick and I are not what you'd call big sports fans. The only football game we watch all year is the Super Bowl. And for me, it's more about the commercials than the pigskin. (My favorite commercial was the one about pet adoption. That may be because Rusty the Rhino's grandma is a member of my spinning group.)

Dick prepared the snacks -
healthy stuff plus jumbo shrimp for me and KFC drumsticks for him and Marie - and I prepared my crafting area. This is my TV watching chair; lots of room for me, a cat or grandchild (or both, if I'm lucky), and my project du jour. Not sure what I wanted to work on, I brought the makings for Addy's Tadah! Hat (Rav link here) and the Friendship Mitts (Rav link here) for our Colorado trip. I started with the mitts and finished them about an hour after the game ended. These use some pink Malabrigo that I've had in my stash since about 2005 (before Malabrigo was a must-have yarn; I bought it on Ebay because it was pretty, super soft, and affordable. Boy was I surprised when I found out it was THE Malabrigo.)
The pattern is very versatile - you can use either light weight or worsted weight yarn - and directions are given to customize the mitts to your specific hand size. The only modification I made was to add one row to the cuff; I wanted to make sure they were long enough to fit inside my jacket sleeve. I'm thinking I should make a pair of these for Rachel and a smaller pair - in pink to match grandma's - for Addison. After I finish Addy's hat, of course.