Happy Scary Day!

This Halloween was much better than the last one. Dick and I went to the Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica this morning (250+ great artists and vendors; free tickets at the link above) before joining Matt and crew for trick-or-treating tonight. We were a little hesitant about driving to Ventura after last year's misadventure - although lightening never strikes twice in the same place, right? - so we stayed off the freeway and took the back roads to Matt's, just in case.

Miles was thrilled with his 'Cars' costume, although the helmet ended up hanging from the baby stroller most of the night - Miles got tired of its limited visibility real quick.
Naia was Hannah Montana, of course. Doesn't she look good in all that gold and bling? Addison did her treating in Colorado but Rachel sent this photo of Bunny Addy with the candy corn bag I made her. Wish we could have been in two places at once so we could have seen her in person. And Leia? Leia went as the world's cutest baby. She was awake and alert the entire time we were walking the neighborhood. Once we got back to the house, she practiced her push-ups (doctor wants her to spend more time on her stomach so she can 'exercise' and work off some of her baby chubs. Leia is much happier sitting up than she is on her tummy. About three minutes of this and she's done.) And then she and Grandpa practiced watching the inside of their eyelids together. Happy Scary Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

with pictures like that, who could think the day to be scary! Thanks for sharing. The grands are just adorable.