PopPop's B-day

Guess who's one year older today? Dick got his present from me last week when we took a road trip to Woodcraft, the ultimate woodworking store in Orange County. The new Ventura store opens Monday and I think Dick is planning to camp out on their doorstep Sunday night. (Kidding, but he does plan to be there first thing Monday morning.)

The entire California branch got together
tonight for dinner at Mimi's. Sure wish the Colorado branch could have been here too. Naia ended up missing soccer practice, but I think she was OK with that since she was obviously having a good time. And she got to hang with Gary, who is currently her very best friend (major crush going on here.) Miles played peek-a-boo with the camera and insisted on seeing every shot as it was taken. I love digital cameras - instant gratification for me and great entertainment for the younger set. With those gorgeous eyes and mischevious grin, he's going to be a heart-breaker when he's a bit older.

Leia - 7 weeks old today! - slept for a little while, (isn't she cute?)
then fussed until Dad picked her up. Can you tell that Leia adores her daddy? And doesn't poor daddy look tired? Poor daddy is definitely sleep deprived.But he sure has a cute family.

Happy birthday, PopPop - and many, many more!