Santa Barbara and FO!

For date day, Dick and I drove up to Santa Barbara and had lunch on the pier. We'd planned to continue on to the Museum of Natural History and their Giant African Dinosaurs exhibit, but I just couldn't do it. I started getting sick last night during knit class - killer headache and queasy stomach. Thought I was over it until I started eating lunch. Not over it. We'll try for the museum again next week.

The good news is that, once the worst had passed (hee), I was able to finish the
Hexagon Baby Jacket. The ends are woven in, the buttons are sewn on and I even tacked down the collar so it stays in place. A fun, fast, very easy project that I plan to make again, maybe Addy-sized. The pattern I used is here; the original blog post is here; and Ravelry samples are here and here. Enjoy!