Soccer Granny

I thought Dick and I were done with soccer when Gary turned 16 and decided he was too 'mature' to play any longer. But today we were back on the sidelines, cheering on the AYSO Cheetahs. Being a soccer granny is a lot more fun than soccer mom; you just show up for the games - no getting the player up and moving on a Saturday morning, no weekly practices and no working the snack bar to support the team. Whoohoo!

Naia loves playing and she's one of the better players on her team. Last week (we missed that game) she scored a couple of goals. This week she played mostly defense; she got a few shots at the goal in the third quarter, missing it by just thissssssssss much. It's so much fun to sit and watch the little girls play in their day-glo bright jerseys.

And just as much fun to watch the other kids on the sidelines.
Little Leia - all of three weeks old now - slept through the game, stirring only when the sun got in her eyes. She is not a fan of bright lights.

Cute little baby feet.

Miles enjoyed the first two quarters but by the middle of the third, he was done. Sitting on the sidelines, not allowed to chase the ball, is not his cup of tea. He spotted a nearby playground, so he and I spent the rest of the game on the monkey bars. Him on the bars; me underneath, trying to catch him before he fell.

Leia's hexagon jacket is done - and it fits her perfectly.
I thought it would be too big, with plenty of growing room. Wrong. Glad I didn't make the newborn size. Naia would have had a sweater for her baby doll.