Time Flies

The past week has flown by - lots of classes and projects but not much blogging. Sunday was a cast-on/bind-off class; Anne is a great teacher and managed to cram twelve different knitting techniques in a 3-hour class. Wednesday night was the second session of the knit sweater class. My front and back are now joined and I'm working in the round, heading for the arm-holes. Still lovin' the yarn and the pattern. And Tuesday I taught the math square (Pi-R-Square; how corny is that??) during the crochet block-a-month class. I think the ladies enjoyed the class and the math concepts, but the big hit of the night was how to do the side-to-side blocks in the top third of the square. Who knew?

I want to make Matt's three kids something in USC colors so they can help Dad cheer on his favorite team. Leia will get a sweater or poncho (quick and easy since she's so small); I've started a beanie-style hat for Miles; and for Naia? A maroon and gold shrug - my own pattern using a simple shell stitch for the body, with Catherine wheels and little picots for trim. I need to try it on her tomorrow to make sure it fits, then finish the sleeve trim and weave in my ends. I like this pattern so much, I'm hoping to teach it as a class in the spring.


Gigi said...

Ooo, the shrug is looking great! Love how the darker color shows off that bright yellow (or is it gold?)!