Summer Time, Zoo Time

Both girls are out of school for the summer and the plan is for them to spend *lots* of time at grandma's and papa's house. Yay!
One of our favorite things to do with them is visit the Santa Barbara zoo. 
 From bottom to top: Audrey, Michael and baby Sunshine. Normally only Michael gets fed, since he's the boss, but this time Leanne got to give lettuce to Audrey instead.

There's lots to look at;
lots to do; 
and lots of exercise to tire out little energy machines.  
Today's new thing was the climbing wall.
I tried to talk the girls out of it but they insisted this was their heart's greatest desire. As in "I'd rather climb the wall than have a toy - no, really!"*
Leanne went up several times, but only as high as I could support her with my hand on her b*tt.
Leia did really great. Until she got up so high she scared herself. She froze and one of the helpers had to go up and bring her down.
I'm pretty sure Leia won't do the wall again . . . . but I wouldn't bet on it. Wouldn't surprise me at all if she tries to talk us into it again next time we visit. 

 * Yeah, right. They each got a toy too. Grandma's a soft touch.