Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I'm not usually lucky when it comes to Internet contests, but I've won two prizes recently. 

The first was waaaaay back in July, during the Tour de Fleece, but the prize only arrived yesterday. And boy oh boy, was it worth waiting for.

A 4 ounce braid of Bee Mice Elf fiber in an unknown colorway and unknown fiber (no info was on the tag). I'm thinking it's 'Heatwave'. Colors look the same, although the intensity is washed out a bit in my photo. BFL is one of my favorite fibers to spin, so I'm thrilled with this.
I also won a Facebook contest (random number generator) from my favorite yarn shop, Anacapa Fine Yarns.
This luscious skein of BFL (seeing a theme here??) will be put to good use, probably as a crocheted shawl. Shocker, I know.

That's likely the end of my winning streak for the next decade or beyond. Big thanks to Lars and Lois for running some fun contests.


Vickie said...

Lucky lady!!! Very pretty.