Bad Case of Finishitis

I've got a bad case of finish-itis, and that's a good thing. I've had several quilt projects mostly done for awhile, just waiting for me to find the time and energy to do the last little bits boring part add borders and cut/sew the backing. So thanks to slightly cooler weather and an afternoon without grandkids, as soon as the post office opens on Tuesday, two quilts will be on their way to my favorite long-arm artist.
 Lily Kitty, supervising from the 'nest' I made to keep her off my work-in-progress.

The front of Marie's birthday quilt (lets not mention that her bday was June 13 . . .), with new borders added,

and the back, which I love, seamed and ready to go.  Marie wanted beachy colors; I think this fits the bill perfectly.
My lipstick quilt. I bought the top, already made, from my LQS. Love these colors. It's not my usual thing, but once I saw it I had to have it. I suppose it could be a valentine quilt, but it just makes me think of a colorful Revlon display.
And the back? Had to be black and white; when I found Eiffel Tower fabric, it was a done deal.
I also worked on this baby gift, getting it ready for me to quilt tomorrow. I bought the top from my LQS (see a theme here??) 
and the backing fabric was a gift from a friend that's been waiting almost a year for just the right project. 
The recipient was born at the end of June, so I really, really need to get this done and in the mail. Crossing my fingers I get this finished quickly, so I can get back to making little girl dresses. And maybe branch out into nightgowns, as requested by Addy.


Petunia Pill said...

I love it when "finishitis" sets in. That happens to me about once a month. It's like someone lit a flame beneath me and I rush around and finish off all the little things that are sitting around staring at me - just waiting for those final pesky finishing steps. I have a blanket in my bedroom that needs just two more rows and an edging...I have managed to ignore it for almost one year now. How is THAT for procrastination? And, funny...I really LIKE the project...maybe I like it so well I don't want to see it end? Congrats on all your accomplished projects! It's a great feeling when they're done. Hugs, Annette