Volcanic Slime

The first words out of Jac’s mouth when she woke up Friday morning were, “I want to bake a cake!”

And so we did. Sort of. 

 Jac, in her dinosaur “cape”

Cake-making required a trip to the store, and I figured Jac wouldn’t know the difference, so we made brownies instead. Yumm.

I should say “I” made brownies. 

Jac mixed eggs, flour, sugar, salt, pepper and green food coloring to make. . . something? She wanted more, so I handed her the baking soda - and in a moment of genius - some vinegar.

It was awesome! The more she stirred, the higher the bubbles rose. When she stopped stirring, it settled, but she’d start stirring and it would rise again. We Jac played with this for at least 45 minutes. 

My brownies were delicious but volcano slime was epic. We’ll definitely be doing this again.