Tula Bag

Almost a year ago I bought a Quilty Box because Tula Pink was the featured designer. Love her and her fabric!

Included in the box was a cute Clam Up Bag pattern from By Annie’salong with the stabilizer and fancy double-zip heavy-duty zipper needed for the project. 

What I didn’t realize until making bags for Addy and Rachel made me want one (ok, more than one) for myself, was that By Annie’s has video tutorials for most of their bag patterns.

And the code to watch the video on this bag for free* was included in my Quilty Box. 

The directions in the paper pattern were good enough that I could probably maybe have figured it out on my own, but I would have been frustrated, especially with the curved zipper installation -  a first for me.

With the videos, I flew through this in one long afternoon. And I had fun making it. 

The medium bag I made turned out a bit smaller than I anticipated, so I guess I’ll have to make more. Plus, I only used half the 40” zipper By Annie’s included in the box and I’d hate for that to go to waste. Off to shop my stash - and SuperBuzzy - for more Tula prints. I already placed my order with By Annie’s for more stabilizer, patterns and zippers. Maybe these will be Christmas presents too . . .

* The code for a free video is usually included with the purchase of a paper pattern, and the videos are about $5 on their own if you buy the pdf version of a pattern.