Pelican Rainbow

My 10-years-younger sister had a mild heart attack a few months ago*

and a milestone birthday in May

so it seemed the perfect time to make her a quilt. (Kind of a long-distance hug, stretching from California to Pennsylvania.)

Jennifer asked for rainbow colors and pelicans - a favorite of our mom’s. 

I was surprised at how difficult it was to find pelican fabric - the print above was pretty much my only choice. I guess pelicans have gone out of style in the last 30-odd years. 

So, it wasn’t a big surprise that there were no quilting designs with pelicans either. But there is now! My quilting pal contacted the company she gets her pantos from and they custom made a pelican design for us. So awesome - I’m still amazed. Doesn’t it look great??!

The quilt was delivered Friday and Jen called to say she loves it. Success!

* Jen’s doctor says she will be fine and the damage is reversible, if she quits smoking (done), takes her meds (done) and stops eating salt (harder, but working on it).