We left Sunday for our annual visit to Colorado for Addy’s birthday and that other November holiday. Something involving a turkey??

We haven’t traveled much this year, so the Travel Fund was flush - and I found a deal - so  we got to enjoy the comforts of first class on a very crowded flight. It almost made up for the parking disaster LAX has created; you need a reservation for parking due to ongoing construction in the public lots and overcrowding in the private lots. We, of course, did not know this. We were lucky to find a spot - after 45 minutes of driving in circles and lots of swearing - on the top floor of an 8-story parking garage. Good thing we always give ourselves lots of extra time when we fly.

English paper piecing is my travel project of choice these days. I have a small 3-tier plastic container that holds my EPP supplies and current project, but even that’s too bulky for airline travel. 

So I made this cute little travel kit. (Pattern is here*.) 

The front pocket holds 2 tins for hexies, needles and scissors; the second has flowers in-progress; and the third holds my thread and glasses. 

It also gave me an excuse to use some of my favorite Laurel Birch fabric. Love her designs! (And yes, I’m annoyed that part of the fabric is upside-down, even after some careful planning. However. “Finished is better than perfect” definitely applies here.) 

I didn’t use my new travel kit on the plane - playing with sharp needles didn’t sound like a good idea after my de-stress Mimosa  - but it’s proven itself very handy since we arrived at Addy’s. 

* A friend and I both made this travel kit and we both struggled with the pattern directions. Even with photos, we found it very confusing. Am I glad I made this? Yes, definitely. Would I make another one? Nope!