Addy’s First Quilt

Rachel and I took Addy quilt shopping with us on Small Business Saturday and she fell hard for the cute little charm packs at Stitches Quilting. And of course her grandma was overjoyed happy to buy her everything she wanted one pack, with promises of more once she sewed these up. 

 Design #3 was the winner!

I thought Addy’s interest might wane - we’re doing weaving and sewing also this week - but first thing Sunday morning she pulled out the charms and we started developing a plan.

I also thought she would get tired - or we would run out of time - before we finished but Addy powered through.

I showed her how to do each step but she did all the actual sewing

of squares and rows,

the inevitable seam ripping (happily and without complaint),

and by late afternoon we had a finished mini-quilt top.

I gave Addy the option of stopping at this point but she was having none of it. So while she did her chores, I squared up the top and pinned the quilt sandwich.

Then Addy took over and did all the diagonal cross-hatch quilting.

We worked through lunch and dinner (along with a movie and 2 football games)

but by 8 o’clock, the quilt was bound,


and hanging in a favored spot on Addy’s bedroom wall. 

I’m so proud of this sweet girl and more than a little sad that it’s time for Pop and me to head home. But Addy is already planning more sewing/weaving/quilting projects for our April visit and I am one very happy grandma.