Sew Success (Finally)

A few weeks ago, I took a pajama pants sewing class at my favorite local studio. I’ve wanted to learn for a long time, and this seemed like a logical first step into little-girl garment sewing, which I’d like to do in addition to quilting.

My plan was: 1) make a pair for me (which I finished the first night of the 2-session class); and 2) make matching pairs for Leia, Leanne and Jaclyn. Part 1 was a success - I love my pants. Part 2, however, was an almost complete bust. Leia hated her pants - they are pink (which she now hates); they are not blue (her current favorite color); and they aren’t skin-tight like her beloved leggings. 

Leanne was slightly better; she liked the color but she wasn’t going to actually wear them. 

I finally talked her into trying them on so I could get pictures, but she proclaimed them “itchy” and immediately took them off*.

So I didn’t have high hopes when I asked Addy if she would like some pj pants. “Yes!!”, says she.

Would she like to go fabric shopping?  “Yes!”  Help pin and cut the pattern? “Yes!” 

 Addy’s “Stop asking silly questions and let’s get started, Grandma!” face.

How about sewing . . . “Yes, yes, yes!!”

So we shopped and pinned 

and cut and sewed

and they fit and she loves them

and we are planning how many more we can make before Pop and I go home on Monday. I’m sew happy.

* Leanne’s mom said the pants were super soft and told Leanne she was being silly. And the next day Leanne brought me a thank-you card, complete with 3 popsicle-stick people wearing matching pj pants, and we are planning a big popcorn, movie, wear our matching pants sleep-over for next week. I’m sew happy x 2.