Front And Back

I’ve been on a mission lately to get stuff done. In addition to binding Firefly (just need to hand stitch it down) and adding borders to Kingfisher, I resurrected this quilt I started well over a year ago. 

 Final size is 50 x 73”. 

I had goofed it up badly, ordered more fabric, then let it sit in favor of other projects. But it’s done and headed to my favorite long-armer on Thursday. (Just looked it up. Seems I re-ordered the fabric in July 2016. Eek!!)

I don’t usually like a variety of fabrics on the back of a quilt, but I had all these space-related goodies (and more!) and wanted to use them somehow. 

 The gray fabric is the moon’s surface.

I think it turned out ok. Just hope Addy thinks so too!