End of Summer Celebration, Part 1

The big girls go back to school next Wednesday (how did 3 months go by so fast!??), 

so we’re celebrating summer’s end with a 2-day grandgirl party.

Part 1 was today’s trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo, one of our favorite places.

A lot of area schools are already back in session, so the summer crowds were gone and the atmosphere was much more relaxed.

We visited Chadwick, who is 85 (in human years) and the only lion currently in residence. His mate died a few years ago and the zoo’s 2 younger females have gone to other zoos. Jackie was pretty excited to watch the “kitty” climb up onto his rock and make himself comfortable.

The big girls fed Michael ⬆️

and Audrey (or is that Mary Lou??),

hung out in the wind tunnel,

and tried to feed the sheep but this pushy guy kept chasing everyone else away. I thought he was coming over the fence to make sure Leia wasn’t holding back any food from him. 

Jac played us a concert (see video below)

and had her first ride down the girl’s favorite ant hill (video below).

All in all, a very relaxing and pleasant way to spend the day. The party continues with a sleep-over tonight. Everyone needs to be well rested - and up bright and early - for tomorrow’s Celebration, Part 2.