The Story of Two Bulbs

Mid-November(ish), Marie brought me two amaryllis bulbs for the holidays. I “planted” both on top of a glass container filled with water so the little girls could watch them grow.

One bulb immediately went nuts - you could almost see it growing, it sprouted up so fast.

By Christmas, it was two feet tall and had produced three stalks and NINE gorgeously gigantic, deep crimson flowers. 

The other bulb? Kinda sad. By Christmas we had . . . nothing. I thought it was hopeless but rather than give up, I planted the poor thing in a pot of soil for the new year. And was rewarded with this -

So tiny. And so beautiful. This is my inspiration for the new year - keep trying until you find the right growing conditions. Never give up.


captainhook said...

Beautiful flowers and beautiful thoughts.