Our stop in Guatemala was a bit of a mixed bag. 

On one hand, I was excited to see the home of back-strap weaving

and for a chance to buy (lots and lots of) textiles.

But the cruise line had put out an advisory before we got into port about possible “dangerous conditions” and advised passengers to leave their valuables on the ship when going ashore. Not the best way to build confidence in Cunard’s maiden stop in Puerto Quezal. 

Also, hubby woke early to the smell of smoke in our cabin. Fortunately (??) it was coming from outside - there were fires ringing the port from burning sugar cane fields.

The smell was quite strong when we first docked but receded by the time we went ashore. Thank goodness for changes in wind direction!

We actually had a great time shopping in the park adjacent to the ship’s gangway - lots of vendors, colorful textiles and live music. 

We stopped about halfway through the morning at a palm shaded patio cafe for beer and diet soda. (Wanna guess who the Sabor Ligero Coca-Cola was for???)

So peaceful and relaxing. 

 Lifeboat drills.

We spent the afternoon onboard Queen Elizabeth, reading, watching the crew do lifeboat drills, and taking pictures from the upper decks. 

When we looked to the left, we saw the yacht harbor and visitor center . . . 

 Red arrow = visitor center. Yellow = coal dump.
and the giant coal stacks directly behind them.

The view to the right was the container ship docks, with another cruise ship parked alongside; behind us was the harbor entrance to the Pacific Ocean.  

 Heading back out to sea.

I’m glad we had a chance to visit Puerto Quezal but I don’t think we missed anything by not taking one of the ship’s shore excursions. Lots of complaints around the dinner table that night from people who had taken them. 

I’m betting Cunard won’t be stopping here again next year.