It’s Jamaica, Mon (Part 1)

We docked in Jamaica just before 8 am

 View from our balcony - our next door neighbor

and were off the ship, ready for adventure, an hour later.

Then we sat, waiting, for another hour because either a) the tour operator forgot to schedule a driver; b) the driver went to the wrong port; or c) hey, it’s Jamaica, mon!

Once we got underway, our first stop was Konoko Falls in the hills above Ocho Rios. It’s  equal parts garden, rainforest and mini-zoo, with a small waterfall running through the center.

 The views were stunning; note the Queen Elizabeth in the bottom background.

It was beautiful 

but, even with a 45-minute personal guided tour, definitely overpriced at $20US per person. The day’s highlight? ⬇️  Hubby still doesn’t believe I was willing to do this. It was So.Cool.