It’s Jamaica, Mon (Part 2)

Outside the main towns, Jamaican roads are narrow and pot-holed; the drivers are crazy, AND they drive on the “wrong” side of the street. The short distance to our second stop - Ocean On The Hill - involved several instances of one car backing up until the road was barely wide enough for the cars to get by each other. 

 The top house allegedly belongs to Mick Jagger.

Another spectacular view of Ocho Rios’ harbor, but the main reason for the stop seemed to be a chance to admire Mick Jagger’s house on the hill just above the park (red arrow above). 

 Looking down on the rain forest.

We also drove 3 miles up Fern Gully into the rainforest; stopped along the side of the road to listen to a seed doctor talk about medicinal properties of native plants; watched a teenage boy do impressive somersaults down a street in exchange for a few $$; and drove past gorgeous beachside homes and hotels that most people probably picture when they think of Jamaica.

Tomorrow is a sea day, then it’s time for Aruba 🇦🇼!