Museum of Discovery

One of my absolute favorite museums, especially for kids, is the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

 Neon jukebox entrance to restrooms

We've taken the grands here several times and every time has been a smash hit.

Today, Leia spent most of her time in the music section,

playing guitars, keyboard, bongos, marimbas,

and her fav, the drum kit. 

Kids can touch and play with just about everything in the building and the open space lets then move with ease from music to tornado chamber to animals (both live and taxidermied) to - another of Leia's favorites - the indoor beehive with a clear tube that lets you watch worker bees entering/exiting the hive. Seeing great yellow blobs of pollen on their legs was very cool.

Leia was also fascinated with this magnetic tube building wall. She'd have happily stayed here for hours, testing different configurations and watching the ball roll through. 

While the museum is mainly aimed at kids, it's interesting for adults too. My favorite today was Ben Franklin's creation - musical bowls. Beautiful and fun.